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Rao title was given to the Thakurs of Garhi by Maharana of Udaipur during their alliance to stop Mughal forces from entering Mewar.

Recently after the Rao Indrajit singh ji Chauhan, Rao Ranjit Singh ji was to be the next Rao Raja of Garhi but because of Motor-Neuron disease he passed away at an early age. The Palace of late Garhi Rao Saheb Shri Inderjeet Singh ji is now taken care by Her Highness. Also a part of the Palace was donated by Rao Saheb to run a government school in order to promote education in Garhi.

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  • Thakur AGAR SINGHJI, Thakur Saheb of Wasi, from Thakurda in Banswara, he received the Jagir of Wasi in Banswara, fl.1750, married and had issue.
    • Thakur Udai Singhji (qv)
  • Thakur UDAI SINGHJI, Thakur Saheb of Wasi, he received the Jagirs of Garhi and Nawagaon.
  • Thakur ARJUN SINGHJI, Thakur Saheb of Garhi
  • Rao RATAN SINGHJI, Thakur Saheb (later Rao) of Banswara, Kamdar of Banswara 1874/1876, he was granted the title of Rao [cr.1872] by the Maharana of Udaipur, married and had issue.
    • Rao Gambhir Singhji (qv)
    • Baisa (name unknown) [Maharani Sahiba Chauhaniji], married Maharana Shri Shambhu Singhji of Udaipur.
  • Rao GAMBHIR SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi -/1889, he adopted Kunwar Sangram Singh, son of Thakur Udai Singh of Thakurda, married and had adoptive issue. He died sp 1889 (1890?).
    • (A) Rao Sangram Singhji (qv)
  • Rao SANGRAM SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi 1889/1905, born as Kunwar Sangram Singh, son of Thakur Udai Singh of Thakurda, and succeeded by adoption; married the daughter of the Thakur of Semlia in Sailana [?Maharaj Bhawani Singh], and had adoptive issue. He died .
    • (A) Rao Rai Singhji (qv)
  • Rao RAI SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi 1905/-, born , adopted from Gamra, an off-shoot of Thakurda in Banswara, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer.
  • Rao RANJIT SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi
  • Rao HIMMETH SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi -/1939, born , married Rao Rani Phool Kumari, born , died , daughter of Rao Raja Sardar Singhji of Uniara, and had issue, two children, one son and one daughter. He died .
    • Rao Indrajit Singhji (qv)
    • Baiji Lal Giriraj Kumari [Rani Giriraj Kumari of Rampura], born , married 17th February 1957, Raja Samar Singh of Rampura, and has issue, two sons and one daughter.
  • Rao INDRAJIT SINGHJI, Rao Saheb of Garhi 1939/2006, born , educated at Daly College, Indore; married 195x, Rani Sampat Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Shri Ajit Singh Sahib of Jodhpur, and his wife, Rani Man Kumari, and had issue, five children. He died /2006.
    • Baiji Lal Jayraj Kumari (Princess Joy) [Kunwarani Jayraj Kumari of Ghanerao], married Kunwar Suryabhan Singh of Ghanerao.
    • Baiji Lal Rohini Kumari (Princess Gattu) [HH Maharani Rohini Kumari of Karauli], married 1986, HH Maharaja Shri Krishan Chander Pal Deo of Karauli.
    • Rajkumar Ranjit Singh, died young about 1979/1980.
    • Rajkumari Kirti Kumari, married 1988, Rajkumar Jungvijay Singh of Amarkot.
    • Rajkumari Praniti Kumari, married Kunwar Abhimanyu Singh of Bhupalgarh (Udaipur) and has issues, 2 daughters and a son.
      • Baisa Navnidhi Kumari Ranawat
      • Baisa Hemangani Kumari Ranawat
      • Bhanwar Parikshit Singh Ranawat
  • Rani Sahiba Chauhaniji, married (as his first wife), Maharaj Shri Kesri Singhji of Bhindar.
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