Churhat (Thikana)

Churhat is a Thikana of Baghela Dynasty. (Churhat, Madhya Pradesh, India)
Churhat Churhat, Madhya Pradesh, India IN
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7th Jan, 2013

Present Ruler/Head/Tikai/Thakur

Rao RAN BAHADUR SINGH, 27th Rao Sahib of Churhat since 1955. Married Rani Krishna Kumari, daughter of HH Raja Dalip Singhji of , and his wife, Rani Gopal Kumari, and has issue.
  • Rajkumari Subhadra Kumari (+), born 13th January 1948, married into Achrol, and has issue.
    • Anand Singh
    • Abhay Singh
  • Yuvaraj Krishna Kumar Singh, married Yuvrani Durga Rajya Lakshmi Devi, daughter of Shri Bharat Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and has issue.
    • Rajkumar Anant Vijay Singh [Dhruv Singh], married 28th February/1st March 2009 in Bhopal, Maharajkumari Shree Manjari Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Udit Pratap Deo of , and his wife, HH Maharani Padma Manjari Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Pradeep Chandra Bhanj Deo of .

Predecessors and Genealogy Tree

  • Raja SHIV BAHADUR SINGH, 26th Rao Sahib of Churhat, he was granted the title of Raja as a personal distinction, served as minister in the Central cabinet under Jawaharlal Nehru; married 1stly, married 2ndly, married 3rdly, Rani Mohini Devi, and had issue, four sons and five daughters. He died 1955.
    • Rani Laxmi Devi (by 1st wife), married the Raja Ramendra Vikram Singh of in Uttar Pradesh, and had issue, one son.
    • Rani Sushila Kumari (by 1st wife), married Rana Sahib Shri Jagdishwar Prasad Singhji of in Bihar, and had issue, three sons and one daughter.
    • Rani Shanta Devi (by 3rd wife), married Rao Saheb Indra Pal Singh of Pachon in Aligarh District, Uttar Pradesh, and had issue, two sons and two daughters.
    • Rao Ran Bahadur Singh (by 1st wife) (qv)
    • Rajkumar Arjun Singh (by 3rd wife), born 5th November 1930 in Churhat, Distt. Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh; Educated at Allahabad University and Agra University (B.A., LL.B.); Member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1957/1985; Minister of State for Agriculture, and General Administration Department (GAD) and Information and Public Relations in the Government of Madhya Pradesh 1963/1967; Minister of Planning and Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh 1967; Minister of Education, Government of Madhya Pradesh 1972/1977; Leader of Opposition, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1977/1980; Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh 1980/1985; Governor of Punjab in 1985; Minister of Commerce in the Government of India 1985/1986; Member of the Eighth Lok Sabha 1985/1988; Minister of Communications, Government of India 1986/1988; Member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1988/1991; Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh 1988/1989; Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India 1991/1994; Member of the Tenth Lok Sabha 1991/1996; Elected to Rajya Sabha in April 2000 and re-elected in March 2006; Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Home Affairs 2000/2004; Member of the Committee on Rules 2001/2004; Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development 2002/2004; Member of the General Purposes Committee 2002/2004; Union Minister of Human Resource Development 2004/2009; married 2nd June 1948, Rajkumar Rani Saroj Kumari of Pratapgarh (M.P.), born 25th July 1935, and had issue. He died 4th March 2011 of a heart attack at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi and was cremated at Churhat (Wikipedia).
      • Thakur Abhimanyu Singh, born 15th January 1950, married 22nd January 1976, Kunwarani Veena Kumari, born 25th July 1954, daughter of Maharaj Dilipsinhji Godji of , and has issue.
        • Kunwar Abhijeet Singh, born 19th July 1978, married 19th February 2006 (div. 2011), Bhanwarani Priyanka Singh, daughter of Raja Madhvendra Singh of Narauli, Moradabad Dist.
        • Baiji Lal Aradhana Kumari, born 15th January 1985.
      • Thakurani Veena Kumari, born 9th September 1952, ran as an Independent candidate from Sidhi Lok Sabha constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha elections; married Thakur Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Singh of Singhrauli, Sidhi District (M.P.), and has issue.
        • Kunwar Aishwarya Singh, born 1974, married 22nd/23rd February 2007 at New Delhi, Devyani Rajya Lakshmi Devi, daughter of Shri Pashupati Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and his wife Rani Usharaje Scindia.
        • Baiji Lal Amritha Kumari
      • Thakur Ajay Singh [Rahul Singh], born 13th September 1954, M.L.A. (Madhya Pradesh); married 1981, Kunwarani Suniti Singh of Gumanpura, and has issue.
        • Kunwar Arunoday Singh, born 30 November 1983, Bollywood actor (Wikipedia).
        • Baiji Lal Akriti Kumari, born August 1985.
        • Baiji Lal Ambika Kumari, born 1988.
    • Rajkumar Dr. Sajjan Singh (by 3rd wife), born 1932, educated in the U.S.A., married and has issue, two sons and two daughters.
      • Kunwar Dr. Vijay Singh, married and has issue.
        • Baiji Lal Malini Kumari
        • Baiji Lal Bhavna Kumari
      • Kunwar Amar Singh, married and has issue.
        • Bhanwar Udayan Singh
        • Baiji Lal Anushree Kumari
      • Thakurani Sandhya Kumari, married Thakur Ajai Singh of , and has issue, one daughter.
        • Baisa Darshika Kumari, born 6th October 1983.
      • Baiji Lal Madhu Kumari, married and has issue, one son.
        • Raunak Singh
    • Rajkumari Usha Kumari (+) (by 3rd wife), married and had issue, one son and two daughters.
    • Rajkumar Ganga Singh (+) (by 3rd wife), married and had issue, one son and two daughters.
      • Baiji Lal Vandana Kumari
      • Baiji Lal Manju Kumari
      • Kunwar Sanjay Singh
    • Rajkumari Padma Kumari, married Uday Pratap Singh (+), and has issue, one son and one daughter.
  • Rao RAN BAHADUR SINGH, 27th Rao Sahib of Churhat (see above)


Rajkumar Arjun Singh
Rajkumar Arjun Singh
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