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30th Jan, 2018

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Thakur Trivendra Singh Ji, present Thakur of Boraj.
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Boraj is one among these audacious thikanas and among the most prominent Tazmi Thikana of Khangarots in Jaipur state. Boraj is nearly 40 to 45 km away from Jaipur between Mahlan and Jobner. Boraj is known for the early history of Khangarots. Boraj fort is huge and one of the best example of war forts of that period, Rao Khangar along with his father Rao Jagmal and other four brothers attacked Boraj and conquered it in 1549. In this battle Rao Khangar's three brothers named 1. Singhdev famous as Singha 2. Jai Singh famous as Jaisa 3. Sarangdev received heroic rate. After conquering Boraj Rao Jagmal and his son Rao Khangar conquered Jobner, Kalakh, Naraina and near by areas. Boraj fort is also famous as Rao Khangar the founder of khangarot subclan of Kachwaha rajputs queens were used to stay in this fort for many years and became sati after Khangar's death in Mandal during battle in 1583.

Boraj's present ruling family members are direct descendants of Thakur Shivdaan Singh Ji (also famous as Shyodaan Singh Ji). Boraj was came into existence as important Thikana again under the rule of Thakur Shivdan Singh's son Thakur Sakat Singh in 1763. According to old records Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh 1st himself came to Boraj Haveli during this period and gave the title of Tazmi Thikana by presenting Zari Turban, elephant and sword and Khadag (A special sword used by khangarots).

During the reign of Thakur Sakat Singh in year 1786 a fierce battle was fought just 6 months before the famous battle of Toonga or Lalsot. It was against Marathas. In this battle Thakur Sakat Singh along with his other Khangarot brothers of nearby Thikanas fought bravely and Thakur Sakat Singh's brother Jawaan Singh received heroic rate along with other brave Khangarots. After this in battle of Toonga Thakur Sakat Singh fought bravely and shows the Rajput valor and lionhearted nature of khangarots, due to his fearless, unabashed and unmatchable contributions towards the Jaipur State he was given the Killedaari of Jaigarh, Nahargarh (Famous as Sudarshangarh) and Hathroi Garh. Apart from this he was awarded with three important villages in 1787 after Toonga War to add under Boraj Thikana, which were Mirzapur, Rojdi and Guda Bersal.

After Sakat Singh his son Thakur Udai Singh became ruler of Boraj and added more village and value to thikana by showing valor and bravery in many wars. After Udai Singh his son Thakur Inder singh ruled Boraj and he was given the ministry of forest department and Hunting along with Killedaari of Jaigarh. After his death his son Thakur Shiv Singh Ji became ruler of thikana. He had shown great valor in Delhi under British army during 1857. He was awarded with medals and other honors at Viceroy residence along with other Khangarot and Rajput sardars of state and Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh. He remained Nazim of Ramgarh Torawati and Shekhawati.

After his death his son Thakur Vijay Singh became ruler, he was an adoptive issue and was adopted from Thakur Family of Guda Saaypura. Thakur Vijay Singh adopted Thakur Nahar Singh from Rasili as his successor. He was among the prominent Tazmi Thikanedar of state that time and he was very close to Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh Ji 2nd. Thakur Nahar Singh adopted his younger brother Zorawar Singh as his successor. Thakur Zorawar Singh added few more Mahals in Boraj Fort and made Borak Thikana more powerful financially. He again adopted Thakur Ganpat Singh from Thikana Hirnoda and he was the last Thakur of Boraj before independence of India. His son Thakur Sajjan Singh is very broad minded well educated Thakur of Boraj he issued 4 sons. At present Thakur Trivendra Singh grandson of Thakur Sajjan Singh is sitting on Gaddi of Boraj Thikana he is an adoptive Thakur as Thakur Sajjan Singh's elder son Thakur Durgadas Singh Ji died without heir, he was a great historian and was famous Sarpanch of Boraj.

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  • Thakur Shivdan Singh of Ugriyawas
  • Thakur Sakat Singh, one of the most famous ruler of Boraj.
  • Thakur Udai Singh
  • Thakur Inder Singh, head of forest department and hunting along with killedaar of Jaigarh (Jaipur State).
  • Thakur Shiv Singh, helped British Army in many wars during reign of Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur.
  • Thakur Vijay Singh Ji, Tazmi sardar of Jaipur state, married and had adoptive issue.
  • Thakur Nahar Singh Ji, prominent sardar during Sawai Madho Singh Ji 2nd, married and had adoptive issue.
  • Thakur Zorawar Singh Ji, married and had adoptive issue from Thikana Hirnoda.
  • Thakur Ganpat Singh Ji, last Thakur of Boraj before Independence.
  • Thakur Sajjan Singh Ji, married and had issues, 4 sons.
  • Thakur Durgadas Ji, famous historian and Sarpanch of Boraj, married and had adoptive issue.
  • Thakur Trivendra Singh Ji, present Thakur of Boraj, son of younger brother of Thakur Durgadas Ji. (see above)
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