Gun Salutes



Kathiawar Agency


15th February 1948


INR 4,100,000 (1891)


7,669 Square Kilometers km²


464,671 (1891)

Privy Purse

INR 1,000,000

Hindi Name


Also known as


Last Updated

17th Sep, 2017

Present Head

Flag of Bhavnagar
HH Maharaja Raol Shri VIJAYRAJSINHJI VIRBHADRASINHJI GOHIL, 29th and present Maharaja Raol of Bhavnagar since 26th July 1994. (Bhavnagar House, Bunglow no.2, Ruia Park, Juhu-North, Bombay - 400049, India), born , married HH Maharani Samyukta Kumari, daughter of Thakur Vijai Singh Mankotia of Tiara, and has issue.
  • Yuvraj Sahib Jaiveerraj Singh Gohil, born , education from Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai; BBA in Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship and Sports Management from Les Roches in Switzerland. Director of Nilambagh Palace Hotel and Narayani Heritage Hotel. Married on 1st February 2017 to Maharajkumari Kritiranjani Kumari of Sant. [Bhaskar News]
  • Maharajkumari Brijeshwari Kumari, born .
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Predecessor state of Sejakpur founded in 1194 (or 1240 or 1260), then the capitals were at Ranipur 1254/1309, Umrala or Gogha 1309/1445, Umrala 1445/1570, Shihor 1570/1723 then finally Bhavnagar from 1723. The Gohils claim to be descended from the celebrated Pandavas, who belonged to the lunar or Chandravanshi race, and so trace their line from the celebrated Shalivahan, founder of the Shaka era (Col. James Tod makes them of the solar race). The old family title of Rawal or Raol was earned at the memorable battle of Chitor, fought with Alauddin Khilji in 1303. The state motto is "Man Proposes but God disposes" on a label azure. The state arms are Gules, an eagle or displayed, in chief on a canton of the second, a lion statant of the first.
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  • Thakore SEJAKJI, Thakore of Sejakpur 1194/1254, married and had issue. He died .
    • Raol Ranjoi Sejakji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Sarangji Sejakji, ancestor of the Thakores of Lathi, received the chovisi of Arthila as his patrimony.
    • Kumar Shri Shahaji Sejakji, ancestor of the Thakores of Palitana.
    • Kumari Shri Valam Kunverba, married Kumar Khengarji (later Raja Khengar III) of Junagadh.
  • Raol RANOJI SEJAKJI, Raol of Ranipur 1254/1309
  • Raol MOKHDAJI RANOJI, Raol of Gogha 1309/1347, married (amongst others), daughter of Chokrana, a Parmar Rajput prince of Ujjain in Malwa, and had issue. He died .
    • Raol Dungarji Mokhdaji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Samarsinhji Mokhdaji, son of the Parmar Princess, he succeeded to the estate of his father-in-law when he died heirless, becoming the ancestor of the Maharanas of Rajpipla, and taking the name Arjun Sinhji.
    • Kumar Shri Godmalsinhji Mokhdaji
    • Kumar Shri Jagmalsinhji Mokhdaji, he was granted gaddi of Mahisa.
  • Raol DUNGARJI MOKHDAJI, Raol of Gogha 1347/1370
  • Raol VIJOJI DUNGARJI, Raol of Gogha 1370/1395, married and had issue.
    • Raol Kanoji Vijoji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Rudoji Vijoji
    • Kumar Shri Ramji Vijoji, ancestor of Ghoghari Gohils, he was granted Ukharla, Tatam, Bhadli Monpur and Tappa's 32 villages.
  • Raol KANOJI VIJOJI, Raol of Gogha 1395/1420
    • Kumar Shri Sarangji Kanoji (qv)
    • Kuamr Shri Jaimalsinhji Kanoji
  • Raol SARANGJI KANOJI, Raol of Gogha 1420/1445
  • Raol SHIVDASJI SARANGJI, Raol of Umrala 1445/1470
  • Raol JETHIJI SHIVDASJI, Raol of Umrala 1470/1500, married and had issue.
    • Raol Ramdasji Jethiji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Gangdasji Jethiji of Chamardi.
  • Raol RAMDASJI JETHIJI, Raol of Umrala 1500/1535, married and had issue.
    • Raol Sartanji Ramdasji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Sadulji Ramdasji, of Adhevada.
    • Kumar Shri Bhimji Ramdasji, of Tana, ancestor of Taniya Gohils.
  • Raol SARTANJI RAMDASJI, Raol of Umrala 1535/1570, married and had issue.
    • Raol Visoji Sartanji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Devoji Sartanji, ancestor of the Devani family, he was granted Pachegaam, Vadod, Alampar, Malpar and 60 other villages.
    • Kumar Shri Viroji Sartanji, ancestor of the Vacchani family, he was granted Avaniya, Kharakdi, Khantdi, Nana Khokhra and 40 other villages.
    • Kumar Shri Mokaji Sartanji, he was granted Navaniya.
  • Raol VISOJI SARTANJI, Raol of Shihora 1570/1600, married and had issue.
    • Raol Dhunaji Visoji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Bhimsinhji Visoji, of Haliyad.
    • Kumar Shri Kasiyaji Visoji, of Bhadli.
  • Raol DHUNAJI VISOJI, Raol of Shihora 1600/1619
    • Kumar Shri Ratanji Dhunaji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Akherajsinhji Dhunaji, died young.
    • Kumar Shri Govindsinhji Dhunaji, ancestor of Govindani Gohils, he was granted Kukad, Morchand, Bhandariya, Badi, Padva, Bhavanipara, Garibpara, Goriyali, Kantala, and other villages totaling to 12.
      • Kumar Shri Hamirsinhji Govindsinhji, of Kukad.
        • Kumar Shri Gajrajsinhji Hamirsinhji
          • Kumar Shri Visaji Gajrajsinhji
            • Kumar Shri (name unknown) Visaji
              • Kumar Shri Ajaji
              • Kumar Shri Chaprajsinhji
              • Kumar Shri Rammsinhji
              • Kumar Shri Gemalsinhji
      • Kumar Shri Chatrasalsinhji Govindsinhji, of Bhandariya.
  • Raol RATANJI DHUNAJI I, Raol of Shihora 1619/1620, married and had issue.
    • Raol Harbhamji Ratanji (qv)
    • Raol Govindji Ratanji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Sarangji Ratanji
  • Raol HARBHAMJI RATANJI, Raol of Shihora 1620/1622
  • Raol GOVINDJI RATANJI, Raol of Shihora 1622/1636, married and had issue.
    • Raol Akherajji II Govindji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Vajerajji Govindji, married and had issue.
      • Rani Ramba Sahiba, married (as his 3rd wife), Raj Sahib Chandrasinhji Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra.
  • Raol AKHERAJJI II GOVINDJI, Raol of Shihora 1636/1660, married and had issue.
    • Raol Ratanji II Akherajji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Vijayrajji Akherajji, he was granted Thordi and Malanka.
    • Kumar Shri Harbhamji Akherajji, he was granted Vartej, Zanzarka and Kanvibid.
      • Kumar Shri Bhojrajsinhji, he was granted Vartej, Sidsar, Khetakhatli and Nari.
      • Kumar Shri Vijayrajsinhji, he was granted Vartej, Sidsar and Sonpara.
      • Kumar Shri Hathisinhji, he was granted Vartej, Fulsar and Nari.
      • Kumar Shri Kanoji, he was granted Vartej, Bhandara and Nari.
      • Kumar Shri Chandoji, he was granted Chamardi, Thapnath and Sodvadra.
      • Kumar Shri Kakobhi, died in war.
      • Kumar Shri Salangji, died in war.
    • Kumar Shri Sartanji Akherajji, he was granted Kanpar, Maglana and Navagam.
    • Kumar Shri Haloji Akherajji, died young.
    • Rani Roop Kunwarba Sahiba, married (as his 7th wife), Raj Sahib Amarsinhji Chandrasinhji of Dhrangadhra.
  • Raol RATANJI II AKHERAJJI, Raol of Shihora 1660/1703
  • Raol Sahib BHAVSINHJI I RATANJI, Raol of Shihora 1703/1723 then Raol of Bhavnagar 1723/1764, in 1723 a skirmish occurred with the Marathas which resulted in their defeat, the Raol realised that the capital was in a weakly defended place and moved his capital to Bhavnagar, which he considered more secure, married and had issue. He died .
    • Raol Sahib Akherajji III Bhavsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Visoji Bhavsinhji of Vala.
    • Kumar Shri Ramsinhji Bhavsinhji of Haliad.
    • Kumar Shri Goyajji Bhavsinhji of Ranpur.
    • Kumar Shri Modji Bhavsinhji.
    • Kumar Shri Rudji Bhavsinhji of Boria Bakrol.
  • Raol Sahib AKHERAJJI III BHAVSINHJI [Bavaji], Raol of Bhavnagar 1764/1772, he assisted the Marathas against the Mughal Viceroy, and in 1771, he assisted the British in reducing the pirate stronghold of Talaji, he also gave shelter to the Peshwa,at that time a refugee, married and had issue. He died .
    • Raol Sahib Wakhatsinhji Akherajji [Atabhai] (qv)
  • Raol Sahib WAKHATSINHJI AKHERAJJI [Atabhai], Raol of Bhavnagar 1772/1816, a wise ruler and intrepid soldier, he largely extended his domains, and during his lifetime, he cultivated the friendship of the British, then trading in Surat, married and had issue. He died .
    • Raol Sahib Vijaysinghji Wakhatsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Bapaji Wakhatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Raisinhji Wakhatsinhji
  • Raol Sahib VIJAYSINHJI WAKHATSINHJI, Raol of Bhavnagar 1816/1852, his reign, extending over thirty-six years, was largely prosperous, married and had issue. He died .
    • Kumar Shri Bhavsinghji Vijaysinghji, married and had issue. He died before 1852.
      • Raol Sahib Akherajji IV Bhavsinhji (qv)
      • Raol Sahib Jaswantsinhji Bhavsinhji (qv)
      • Kumar Shri Rupsinhji Bhavsinhji of Varal.
      • Kumar Shri Devisinhji Bhavsinhji of Ramdhari.
    • Kumar Shri Akherajji Vijaysinhji [Akhubha], he was granted the villages of Lakhanka, Zinzavadar and Surka, married and had issue, whose descendants are still living in these villages, as well as in Bhavnagar.
      • Kumar Shri Sardarsinhji Akherajji, died sp.
      • Kumar Shri Deepsinhji Akherajji, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Shri Daansinhji Deepsinhji, married and had issue.
          • Kumar Shri Dilawarsinhji Daansinhji, married and had issue.
            • Kumar Shri Kiritsinhji Dilawarsinhji, married and had issue.
            • Kumar Shri Chandrasinhji Dilawarsinhji Raol, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1961), married Kumari Dhirajkumari, and has issue.
              • Kumar Shri Harpalsinhji Chandrasinhji, married Kumari Rajshree Girnara, daughter of Rawat Rampratap Singhji of Mandawal in Jaora, and his wife, Rani Annapurna Devi, and has issue, one son.
                • Bhanwar Yashrajsinhji Harpalsinhji Gohil
              • Kumar Shri Jaypalsinhji Chandrasinhji, born , a graduate with the degrees of M.Sc. and M.B.A. (HR-Marketing), married to Deepika Singh, daughter of Thakur Jagmalsinhji of Daspan (Marwad) on 20th February 1999, and has issue.
                • Bhanwar Divyaraj Jaypalsinh Raol, born in Dapan, Marwad.
                • Kumari Mumal Jaypalsinh Raol, born in Bhinmal, Marwad.
            • Kumar Shri Bhadrasinhji Dilawarsinhji Raol, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1970).
        • Kumar Shri Hematsinhji Deepsinhji, married and had issue.
          • Kumar Shri Madhavsinji Hematsinhji
      • Kumar Shri Motibhai Akherajji, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Shri Jaysinhji Motibhai, married and had issue.
          • Kumar Shri Kesrisinhji Jaysinhji
          • Kumar Shri Ratansinhji Jaysinhji
          • Kumar Shri Raghuvirsinhji Jaysinhji
          • Kumar Shri Harishchandrasinhji Jaysinhji
        • Kumar Shri Banesinhji Motibhai
        • Kumar Shri Jethibhai Motibhai [Jethiji Motiji], married and had issue.
          • Kumar Shri Bahadursinhji Jethibhai Saheb, a very learned and well educated person, having attained a Master's degree in Biology from Pune University. He was a favorite with HH Maharaja Raol Krishnakumarsinhji. He was offered a position in the local Government of Bhavnagar as a special Aide to the Maharaja, and was also provided specials gifts of property within Bhavnagar. He helped initiate the main cattle trade between the state of Bhavnagar and the big Cattle Barons of Brazil, and over time, established HH Maharaja Raol Krishnakumarsinhji as the top breeder and owner of the renowned Gir cattle, married and had issue.
            • Kumar Shri Pradeepsinhji Bahadursinhji, married Kumari Shri Praveenprabha of Mokampura, and has issue, three daughters.
              • Kumari Monica Singh, married Maharajkumar Mahipalsinhji Girnar of Sardargarh (Lava).
              • Kumari Shri Vidhatri Devi, married Maharajkumar Bhagirathsinhji Takhatsinhji of Utelia.
              • Kumari Shri Gayatri Devi, married Major Tappansingh Rathore from Jaipur.
            • Kumari Shri Nalini Devi
            • Kumar Shri Mahideepsinhji Bahadursinhji, married Kumari Shri Jitendra Kumari of Bagsuri, and has issue.
              • Kumar Shri Vikramsinhji Mahideepsinhji, married Kumari Shri Mandakini Devi of Jodhpur.
            • Kumar Shri Karmadeepsinhji Bahadursinhji, married Kumari Shri Nirupama Devi of Rojka, and has issue.
              • Kumar Shri Jaydeepsinhji Karmadeepsinhji, married Kumari Shri Bhagyalakshmi Devi of Muli.
            • Kumar Shri Vishwadeepsinhji Bahadursinhji, married Kumari Shri Padmini Devi, daughter of Rana Jaidevsinhji Gulabsinhji of Pratappur, and his wife, Rani Shri Vijay Kunwarba Saheb, and has issue.
              • Kumar Shri Digvijaysinhji Vishwadeepsinhji, married Kumari Shri Kamakshi Devi of Datha.
              • Kumar Shri Jayvijaysinhji Vishwadeepsinhji
          • Kumar Shri Kiritsinhji Jethibhai, married and had issue.
            • Kumar Shri Balvirsinhji Kiritsinhji, married and has issue.
              • Kumari Ba Diptikumari, married Kumar Shri Apurvasinhji Rajendrasinhji Jadeja of Gavridad, and has issue.
            • Kumar Shri Chandrajitsinhji Kiritsinhji, married Kumari Chhaya Devi, daughter of Kumar Shri Girivarsinhji of Sanganwa in Gavridad, and has issue.
        • Kumar Shri Shersinhji Motibhai
      • Kumar Shri Ramsinhji Akherajji
    • Kumar Shri Narsinhji Vijaysinhji [Narubha], he was granted the villages of Bhimdad, Tatum and Nani Salingpur, married and had issue, whose last descendant passed away without issue very recently (2006).
  • Raol Sahib AKHERAJJI IV BHAVSINHJI [Bhajiraj], Raol of Bhavnagar 1852/1854, died spm in 1854.
  • Raol Sahib JASWANTSINHJI BHAVSINHJI K.C.S.I., Raol of Bhavnagar 1854/1870, G.C.S.I., married and had issue. He died in .
    • HH Maharaja Raol Sahib Takhatsinhji Jaswantsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Javansinhji Jaswantsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot.
  • HH Maharaja Raol TAKHATSINGHJI JASWANTSINGHJI G.C.S.I., Raol of Bhavnagar 1870/1896, born , he succeeded to the gadi in April 1870, educated initially in Bhavnagar and then at Rajkumar College, Rajkot for three years till 1874, where he was one of its first pupils, he was further educated privately under the tutelage of Captain (later Colonel) H. I. Nutt of the Bombay Staff Corps; in March 1877 he took the place of the Indian Minister of State for nine months, until he attained his majority and was granted full ruling powers on 5th April 1878, he conferred with the honour of a Knight Commander of the Star of India on 24th May 1881 by the Her Majesty the Empress of India, he was advanced to Grand Commander of this Order on 1st January 1886, he was granted the title of Maharaja in 1891 by the Viceroy, he effected great and rapid improvements in his domains, liberal in his charities, generous in his grants for the public good, he constructed over 310kms of railway, intersected the state with roads and built many important public works, he instituted a State Council and revised the State laws, both civil and criminal, married six wives, including (a), 1874, HH Rani Shri Nahniba, married (b), 1874, HH Rani Shri Hariba, married (c), 1874, HH Rani Shri Bajirajba, married (d), 1879, HH Rani Shri Bairajba, married (e), 1888, HH Rani Shri Kesarba, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharaja Rao Bhavsinhji II Takhatsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Mangalsinghji Takhatsinhji, born , educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; married and had issue.
      • Kumar Shri Chandrajitsinhji Mangalsinhji of Mangalsinhji Mahal, married Kumari Shri Usha Devi, daughter of Kumar Shri Harishchandrasinhji Jaswantsinhji of Wadhwan, and had issue.
        • Kumar Shri Lokendrasinhji Chandrajitsinhji Raol, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1973); married Kumar Rani Mamta Devi, daughter of Thakore Saheb Virvikramsinhji Mulvaji, 11th Thakorer of Lodhika-Senior, and his wife, Thakorani Kalpana Devi, and has issue.
          • Kumari Ambica Kumari Raol, born at Mangalsinhji Mahal, Bhavnagar, educated at Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer (2002) and at Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, graduating with a Bachelors Degree (Psychology, 2007); married 20th January 2011 at Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur, Rajkumar Rajvikram Singh Deo, Rajkumar of Seraikella.
          • Kumar Shri Kartiksinhji Raol, born , educated at the ?cole Hotelier de Glion, Switzerland (2006), and at Woodside Park International, London.
    • Kumar Shri Bhagwatsinhji Takhatsinhji
    • Kumari Shri Ramba Sahiba
    • Kumari Shri Kesaba Sahiba
    • Kumari Shri Rupaliba Sahiba
    • Kumari Shri (name unknown) Sahiba, married 1902, HH Rana Sahib Bhavsinhji Madhavsinhji Bahadur of Porbandar, and had issue.
  • HH Maharaja Raol Shri BHAVSINHJI II TAKHATSINGHJI, Maharaja Raol of Bhavnagar 1896/1919, born , Maharaja Raol [cr.1917], K.C.S.I. [cr.1904], married 1stly, 1893, HH Maharani Dev Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of HH Maharawal Shri Mansinhji Prithvirajji of Baria, and his wife, HH Maharani Chandra Kunverba Sahiba, married 2ndly, 1905, HH Maharani Nand Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of Thakore Raisinhji Jijibhai of Khirasra, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharani Manhar Kunverba (by Maharani Dev Kunverba), married 1912, HH Maharaja Mahendra Sir Yadvendra Singh Bahadur of Panna. She died .
    • Lt. HH Maharaja Raol Shri Sir Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavsinhji (qv)
    • Maharaj Nirmalkumarsinhji Bhavsinhji Gohil, married and had issue, two daughters. He died in the 1980's.
      • Rajkumari Shri (name unknown) Devi, married into the Samode royal family.
      • Rajkumari Shri Gayatri Devi, married Thakur Ashok Kumar Singh of Diggi, and has issue.
    • Maharaj Dharamkumarsinhji Bhavsinhji Gohil, born , educated at Harrow 1930/1931, married and had issue. He died .
      • HH Maharani Kumud Kumari, married HH Maharajah Shri Jyotendrasinhji Vikramsinhji Sahib of Gondal, and has issue.
  • Lt. HH Maharaja Raol Shri Sir KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVSINHJI, Maharaja Raol of Bhavnagar 1919/1965, born , educated at Harrow 1927/1928, K.C.S.I. [cr.1938], Governor of Madras 1948/1952, Acting Rajpramukh of Saurashtra in 1948, married, HH Maharani Vijayba Sahiba, born , died , daughter of HH Maharajah Shri Bhojrajjisinhji Bhagwatsinhji Sahib of Gondal, and his wife, HH Maharani Raj Kunverba Saheb, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharaja Raol Shri Virbhadrasinhji Krishnakumarsinhji (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Shivbhadrasinhji Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil, married Maharajkumari Nalini Kumari, daughter of HH Maharana Raj Saheb Pratapsinhji Amarsinhji of Wankaner, and his wife, HH Maharani Rama Kunverba Sahiba.
    • Maharajkumari Hansa Devi Gohil [Yuvrani Hansa Devi of Ajaigarh], born , married Yuvaraj Kaushalendra Singh of Ajaigarh, and has issue.
    • HH Maharani Dilhar Kumari, married HH Maharaja Mahendra Manvendra Singh Ju Deo of Panna, and has issue.
    • Maharajkumari Rohini Devi Gohil, married Maharajkumar Hanumant Sinhji of Kutch, and has issue.
  • HH Maharaja Raol Shri VIRBHADRASINHJI KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI, Maharaja Raol of Bhavnagar 1965/1994, born , married 12th March 1955, HH Maharani Brijrajnandini Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Ganesh Pal Deo Bahadur Yadakul Chandra Bhal of Karauli, and had issue. He died .
    • HH Maharaja Raol Shri Vijayrajsinhji Virbhadrasinhji (qv)
  • HH Maharaja Raol Shri VIJAYRAJSINHJI VIRBHADRASINHJI, Maharaja Raol of Bhavnagar (see above)
  • Kumar Shri Chandrajitsinhji Vijaysinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1942).
  • Kumar Shri Bharatkumarsinhji Ghanshyamsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1943).
  • Kumar Shri Pragraisinhji Gambhirsinhji of Varal, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1946).
  • Kumar Shri Manharsinhji Khedubha, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1954).
  • Kumar Shri Narendrasinhji Chandrajitsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1967), married and has issue.
    • Kumar Shri Satyajitsinhji, born , educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot.
  • Kumar Shri Raghvendrasinhji Chandrajitsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1976)
  • Kumar Shri Chandrasinhji Gohil, married Kumari Shri Hem Kunwarba Sahiba, daughter of Kumar Shri Shivsinhji Govindsinhji of Dhrangadhra, and his third wife, Kumari Shri Raj Kunwarba Sahiba, and had issue.
  • Kumar Shri Narsinhsinhji Raol, married and has issue, two sons.
    • Kumar Shri Hardevsinhji Raol, married Kumar Rani Jayaba Jadeja from Dhunia, and has issue, three daughters. (U.K.)
      • Kumari Tejalba Raol
      • Kumari Viralba Ballachanda, married 28th April 2008, Trishul Ballachanda from Coorg (Mysore), and has issue, one daughter.
        • Miss Tanvi Ballachanda
      • Rajalba Raol
    • Kumar Shri Jayveersinhji Raol, married Kumar Rani Manharba Jadeja from Dhunia, and has issue, three children.
      • Kumari Rajviba Raol
      • Kumar Shri Rajveersinhji Raol, married Kumar Rani Vandanaba from Lakadia.
      • Kumari Rajeshwariba Raol
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