Present Head

Rao Lokendra Singh Ji, present head of Bambori.
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The state was founded by Rao Karam Chand Singh Ji in 1509 when he migrated from KishanGarh. It is a jagir of Mehpawat Rajputs, one of highly respected clan of Parmars of Rajasthan.
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  • Rao Karam Singh Ji
  • Rao Roop Singh Ji
    • Kalyan Kunwar, married before 1775 to Raja BHIM Singh I of Banera in Udaipur State as his first wife.
  • Rao Chandra Sinhh Ji
  • Rao Maldev Singh Ji
  • Rao Padam Singh Ji
  • Rao Dalel Singh Ji
  • Rao Jodh Singh Ji
  • Rao Sohan Singh Ji
  • Rao Sangram Singh Ji
  • Rao Hamir Singh Ji
  • Rao Tez Singh Ji
  • Rao Shambhu Singh Ji
  • Rao Lokendra Singh Ji (see above)
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